The Sharing Place has serves roughly 300 children and their caregivers at any given time, and thousands of families have utilized our services since our beginning in 1993. Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experience at The Sharing Place.

His grades have improved and his ability to manage his homework and assignments on his own (without my nagging and assistance) has improved dramatically. His stress levels about assignment due dates have improved. He took second in the Spelling Bee this year and was elected to his school’s student council. The best work to describe him since he started at The Sharing Place is “thriving”.

Another parent stated,
The Sharing Place is a place of safety and understanding not only for children, but for the adults as well. When you have lost someone in your life you don’t fit in with the normal world – you are in an unfamiliar place yourself. Being with others who have experienced what you have helps you begin to find a new normal. Please continue this incredible place for people who have a loss – there is nowhere else like it!!! I could not be where I am in my grief without the support of the staff and people attending The Sharing Place.

Grief hurts everywhere, especially on the inside, outside, and everywhere you go.
– Casey, age 4.5

This group has given my daughter the opportunity to relate and talk with other teens that are going through the same things as her. It has helped her see that she is not alone. She enjoys group very much. Thank You.
– Rodger, father

The “intake” or interview to attend The Sharing Place was very enlightening to me. The girls cried and showed open emotion even at this first exposure. I believe they “felt” the safe place it was for sharing emotion. I was actually surprised to see my daughter cry at this time as she was very withdrawn.
– Kristen, parent

It is a blessing to have The Sharing Place. If it helps one child then it is worth its weight in gold.
– C.H.

Me and my children have had a bad year trying to cope with the death of my wife, their mother. The Sharing Place has helped my son and me greatly. I would be in a lot worse shape dealing with my son without The Sharing Place.
– Michael, father