Outreach & Education

Thanks so much and I love seeing the smiling faces of The Sharing Place come to our school. I hear such good reports from the students. - Maggie L., LCSW, Elementary School Counselor

Community Support

In addition to the grief support groups which meet at The Sharing Place, we provide grief support throughout the community.

Through our Outreach program, we partner with interested public schools and community centers to serve at-risk families which would not otherwise have the opportunity to utilize our grief support services. We also provide onsite grief support to local businesses for employees who have been affected by the death of a co-worker or someone associated with the business.

Grief support is our passion, and we take great pride in being a resource to those who interact with children affected by grief. Nurses, teachers, and counselors are often the first to know about a child’s grieving situation. We provide educational materials to these professionals on topics such as what resources are available and how grief alters children’s behaviors.

Our experienced outreach and education staff considers special requests such as hosting custom group sessions at work, conducting weekly sessions at an elementary school, meeting with a group of nurses or a professional organization for a one-time speaking engagement, or meeting with human resource managers to consult them on grief resources available and of the possible signs and behaviors of prolonged, unresolved grief they may want to monitor. Depending on the request, we may suggest a donation in return for our time and effort.

For more information about our outreach and education services, contact us at 801.466.6730 or email us.