Silver Rush 2023 Riverton HS
December 21, 2023
The Silver Rush program at Riverton High announced a gift to The Sharing Place: The largest in the 30-year history of TSP: $207,667.24 ! This is an historic day for The Sharing Place and Riverton High.

On November 30th, the student body of Riverton selected The Sharing Place as beneficiary of this year’s Silver Rush. For 25 years, Riverton students have conducted this amazing program during the first three weeks in December. Students raise money for a designated Salt Lake County charity that helps kids in some important way. The Silver Rush has fundraising events and activities planned each day for three weeks in December.

Riverton High Student Body President Brian Scott was very pleased with the outcome of Silver Rush and the generosity of all the donors, students and administration.  “We chose The Sharing Place this year because they represent such a good cause. No matter what, everyone is going to deal with the loss of a loved one and it’s important to learn how to deal with it. I had such a cool experience with Silver Rush this year! It is so rewarding to work as hard as you can towards a goal and see the results.

Riverton Silver Rush 2023

“Words can’t describe what these students have done for us. I’m blown away.”, said TSP Executive Director John Gold. “This is the largest gift in our 30-year history. Most importantly, it will enable us to help more grieving families by expanding our outreach.”

Riverton Mayor Trent Skaggs was present and shared “I’m grateful once again to our community for its support and commitment each year to the Silver Rush. A special thanks to all those who participated to help such a tremendous organization like The Sharing Place.” Mayor Natalie Hall of Bluffdale added “Bluffdale and Riverdale residents really came together to support Riverton High School and the Silver Rush. The Sharing Place. This is what community is all about.”

In the next few months, The Sharing Place Board of Directors will determine how the Silver Rush gift will be used. Some ways being considered are:

  • Communicate TSP Mission to other parts of Utah and share how TSP can assist more grieving families
  • Seed money for potential growth of TSP throughout the state
  • Establish an Endowment that will provide funds for TSP in perpetuity to sustain our mission
  • Leverage the Riverton High gift to challenge other individuals, companies and foundations to support TSP throughout the State
  • Programming – Create additional exercises for kids and parents to process their grief

TSP Board Chair Greg Behrmann shared “As a resident of Riverton, and seeing all of my kids graduate from Riverton High School, I’m proud to have my Silverwolf family support The Sharing Place. Your efforts will bless the lives of countless children and their families… Go Wolves!”

The Grinch and The Sharing Place Student Skit

“The Riverton student body has set an amazing example for Salt Lake County and the State of Utah. This gift will transform TSP in so many ways.”, said John. “The Class of 2024 left its mark today, even with a gift amount of 24 cents!

“It has been an honor and humbling experience. Not only will the gift make a huge difference today and many years from now, but this month we were also able to educate an entire community on the importance of grief support. Our sincerest thanks to all the wonderful folks at Riverton High.”

Would you consider making a holiday gift in light of Riverton’s generosity? Please help us to help grieving children!

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