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Grief Support Groups start the first week of Sept.
Families and Volunteers will be hearing from their group coordinator in the next few days!


Sept. 19th ~ Sugarhouse Fall Crawl
& Oct. 24th ~ Dia de los Muertos Celebration

 to benefit The Sharing Place!!!!


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Here's How To Actually Explain Death to A Child 

And it doesn't mean going to sleep for a long time.
by Alison Caporimo

BuzzFeed article and interview with our own Jill Macfarlane about talking to kids about death.
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What You Should Know About Grief

Did you know:
     ~ According to the National Alliance for Grieving Children, 1 in 20 children will experience the death of a parent before they graduate from high school and 1 in 4 will lose a significant family member.  (childrengrieve.org Sept. 2012)
     ~ According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (aacap.org) children that do not have access to grief support programs and services are much more at-risk to develop emotional, psychological and even physical health issues.

Society generally gives us three days to grieve, but there’s so much more.

Use these resources to better support grieving loved ones.

pdfMyths About Grief
pdfExplaining Suicide to Children


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