The Sharing Place – Utah County

The Sharing Place is excited to announce we are expanding our services to Utah County. We are planning to start our first grief group this fall and are in the process of identifying a location on the north end of Utah County. There is a tremendous need for grief support services in Utah County. Currently 15% of our families travel 40 miles or more to reach our Salt Lake City locations. According to the 2021 Childhood Bereavement Model, 1-15 children in Utah will experience a death of a parent or sibling by the age of 18. In Utah County, 23.7% of the population are between the ages of youth we serve.

We have never attempted to establish grief support services into another county. In order to make this expansion successful, we will need staff, volunteers, families who need our services, and funding. If you are willing to help us further our mission, please contact the Executive Director, John Gold: