Dear clients, volunteers, and partners:

We here at The Sharing Place are hoping to do our part to help curb COVID-19 in our community. As such, TSP has decided to suspend grief groups for at least the next 30 days to protect everyone’s health, starting today 3/12/20. There will be no group through mid-April and we will reevaluate the situation then. If you are a volunteer or family, your group coordinator will be in touch with an update at that time. We will follow the guidance of local health officials to make that decision.

We know that this interruption may cause some inconvenience, but we also know we have hundreds of people including children and older adults coming in and out of our two facilities every week. The health and safety of those families are of utmost concern.

If during this pause, you need anything at all, please reach out. We will be available through phone and email. Please be patient if you leave a phone message as the administrative staff will also be using precaution and working at home when necessary.

We will still be conducting initial consultations during this time if you have one scheduled. Mitigating risk from group gatherings is our primary concern at this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.