Parent/Adult Comments

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I think it is critical to have a program for children who have lost a parent to be with other children who know and understand what they are going through. It is a blessing to have The Sharing place. It would be a great loss not to have this for an out for teens. If it could help one child then it is worth its weight in gold. –C.H.

This group has given my daughter the opportunity to relate and talk with other teen that have and are going through the same things as her. It’s helped her see She is not alone. She enjoys group very much. Thank You. --Dad

Me and my children have had a bad year trying to cope with the death of my wife, their mother. The Sharing Place has helped my son and me greatly. We can go talk to people who are going through the same of similar feelings. I would be a lot worse shape dealing with my son without The Sharing Place.

I liked having time to share feelings and experiences with other adults who had suffered similar losses and had children who were grieving. I gained valuable knowledge on how to deal with grief in different ways and learned there is no one way to feel or deal with the grief process.

We both valued the people who knew exactly what we had felt. No one understood us better.

My daughter has been better able to communicate and interact with her teacher, Mom and brother. She is more able to express herself. She is able to talk openly about loved ones that have passed on. I am able to accept my feelings and her feelings as they come and go.

The Sharing Place was amazing for us. We never could have healed without our group. Thank you for all you do for families like mine.

The sharing helped both boys immensely. Initially, I think it helped them just to meet other kids who had lost a parent and have a safe place to talk about their feelings regarding their Dad and his death. After they got used to attending ‘group,’ I think being able to play, make art and talk openly was a part of the grief and recovery.

The skills learned to deal with loss and grief. The knowledge that there are caring people to help and to talk with. Also the association with others who know what you are feeling. Having a safe haven to retreat and be understood.

The “intake” or interview to attend The Sharing Place was very enlightening to me. The girls cried and showed open emotion even at this first exposure. I believe they “felt” the safe place it was for sharing emotion. I was actually surprised to see my daughter cry at this time as she was very withdrawn.

Adult discussion group quote…. As an adult group facilitator working with both teen groups, I am able to see that these groups are greatly needed by the adults as well as the teens. To see adults come to The Sharing Place with overwhelming grief is heart wrenching. Then to see these same adults help newcomers through their new raw grief is heartwarming. To see the healing and support each time we meet is so affirming that there really is life after death.--B.T.